Main functions

Create, maintain, control, and archive all your documents with just one software. Panotica Hydra provides you with a complete overview of all document control processes. Documents in connection with processes may contain detailed lists of activities or template forms to be filled. The documents catalogue allows you to manage the documents database. Individual files are defined in a tree structure. This makes it easier to browse and search for available documentation. One document can be assigned to many files.
Define and plan processes in a simple and standard-compliant manner and realize them in the most practical way. Proper description of processes will ensure supervision over the smooth functioning of the company and will result in optimization of taking actions. Assigning processes to relevant cells, description of the process, linking to other processes and documentation. The system also provides a process map design using a built-in graphics tool.
Identify and control nonconformities by determining the root cause and implement any corrective action necessary. Supporting registration processes and processing of non-conformities identified within the enterprise. The process is based on the analysis and evaluation of registered comments and conclusions. As a result of this analysis, activities that are short-term and long-term are usually planned and undertaken.
Conduct efficient and effective audits and use freely definable questionnaires. Monitoring of company processes, planning of audit activities that affect many areas. Audit schedules define the audited area, objectives and detailed scope of monitoring. As a result of audits, conclusions and potential non-conformities are generated. An important element is the system of notifications, which informs all interested persons in the company about planning of audits, the need to carry them out and enter relevant information into the database.
Use the Project module to create and fulfill specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound project objectives. Supporting the enterprise in managing, coordinating and supervising tasks in projects. Tasks have specific priorities and deadlines. We can choose a team for the implementation of projects, for which we will distribute individual tasks.
Define Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) to eliminate existing or potential irregularities in the enterprise. Planned and undertaken actions implemented in order to eliminate existing irregularities in the enterprise. The system is equipped with supervision of the implementation of undertaken activities, and also allows motivating employees through active notifications and reminders. The actions taken may and should be subject to individual or periodic verification, as a result of which an assessment of their effectiveness is carried out.
Make your processes visible by defining and monitoring your own indicators. Evaluation of processes according to specific criteria in the company. For the process you can specify gauges, define the entire measurement cycle and responsible persons who will receive system messages at appropriate times about the need to complete the result tables.
Risks and opportunities
Get access to risks and opportunities occurring in the enterprise, related to the process, business activity, environmental protection, health and safety. Module used to assess the risks and opportunities occurring in the enterprise, related to the process, business activity, environmental protection, health and safety.
Create and manage personalized reports connected to other system modules.
Records of all types of technical facilities in the company.
A set of products that are grouped in a catalogue with their status and registration numbers.
Information base on the identification data of our contractors, together with contact details to persons representing the companies.
Administration panel
Access to system options, user account management, profile customization, user roles.
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