After registering your account in the online form HERE, you get instant access to your own database in the Galactica Cloud. The system is in the "ready to use" standard, so you can start using it right away, give your users accounts and create an organization structure in the Processes and Documentation modules.

The Hydra 4.0 software is equipped with the module of hints and system messages, thanks to which you can start and operate the system yourself. Each object has additionally a help icon that displays the instructions dedicated to individual system components.

The intuitive interface and simplified data processing procedures ensure easy self-implementation of the system.


with Galactica

The Galactica company also provides custom implementation services:

  • performing customer-required configurations,
  • adjusting functionalities to the processes occurring in the customer's organization,
  • programming additional custom functionalities or printouts (e.g. reports),
  • user training.

The software can be located in the Galactica Cloud or on the client's server. Each implementation is individually priced.

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